About the editor

Hello, my name is Tara. I'm a 25 year old, married, photo editor and stay at home mom to a little girl. After being home with my daughter for some time; I was introduced to the world of photo editing/retouching. After I did one photo I was hooked and have been editing ever since. I started mid 2008 and have been self taught through various tutorials. I will be starting school to further enhance my editing skills in the more advanced areas of Photoshop within the next couple months. Because of my lack of professional schooling in this field, I have very reasonable prices for my services. Upon completion of my classes, my prices will raise.

I strive for a very natural look ! I do like to experiment and try new things but my main place in this business is with enhancing your photo in a natural and beautiful way! I am always accepting new photos, free of charge, for "experimenting". Those photos are not guaranteed to be done right away, as they are free. But, they will be completed as soon as I am able depending on the amount of work that I have at the time. I will edit two photos for free but anything past that will have charges.

I am experienced in giving a flawless face and body (removing blemishes, wrinkles, enhancing/changing colors, enhancing/changing background, manipulating photos in different ways, etc...). I wouldn't call myself a photoshop wizard since there is always something new to learn, but, I am good at what I do and believe that it shows through my work!

*I use Photoshop CS4*


Thank you!

Tara K.