List of models & photographers I've had the pleasure to provide services for:

You can find their portfolios at and enter their MM#

My MM (model mayhem number is 823772 )

Shane K Photography            MM# 770417
Willz                                   MM# 610954
MissLeemaLee                      MM# 800091
Deaveny                             MM# 625185
Mely Murphy                        MM# 796796
Greg Lubin                           MM# 783633
Michelsone                          MM# 737086
Mz Justina                           MM# 902718
Missherylee                         MM# 876573
Jfife                                   MM# 769454
LuisaV                                MM# 720319
Minerva M                           MM# 821189
LAfl (Lisa Alfred)                   MM# 241583

Coming Soon:
Charlene L-J                        MM# 1008932
Second Look Image               MM# 712699 

QUOTES from satisfied clients:

* "Thank you sooooo much! You did a lovely job!"

* "Wow you are very talented."

* "You did a great job on the retouch...I've never seen my face so clear ;)
    Thank you. I got the one that is a side view from the it. My fiance' does too."

 * "Wow are great at photoshop."

* "Wow...Man I love the work! you did a great job! Thank you soooooo much!"

* "they look so much better you did a really nice job lightening those shots up.                         great work i really appreciate it"

* "thank you thank you thank you"

* "I luv wat you've done!!!"

* "they are so pretty an i really thank u alot for doing this for me...much luv... "

* "thanks, i love wat you did to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"